What is a musing?

Let's define what a musing is, so that we are all on the same page

The dictionary defines the word, musing, as "a period of reflection or thought.". i.e. Your thoughts on something you've been thinking about carefully for some time.

e.g. His musings around the effects of inflation on low income families are exceptional.

Musings are a thing of progress, over time. Framing anything is easy, but it's in getting to the heart of how things work (their inner machinations and their outer influences) that enables us to appropriately plan for and apply solutions to problems.

Musings, here, will cover a lot of different things e.g. Leadership, management, all things software engineering, and a whole host more.

It is likely I will introduce a definition of "states" to musings to cover their progress from draft toward maturity and some semblance of done-until-determined-otherwise. Hopefully there'll be an RFC aspect.

... and yes - some of these musings maybe amusing.

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